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Vessel Meats Wholesale

Interested in wholesale with Vessel Meats? There are a few things you should know. Our business model is slightly different from many butcher shops which is why our wholesale program works differently. If you are a restaurant or other type of food retailer please read along to find out why!

Vessel Meats is a business started by Brianna Hagell 8 years ago at local farmer's markets with the intent of providing high quality, sustainable products along with information and education on the meat industry and processes in Nova Scotia and the rest of Canada. With an emphasis on transparency, sustainability, and high quality Brianna has grown the business to a place where the discerning chef can find the meat products they need to offer top notch menus.
Vessel Meats works specifically with whole animal butchery from local farmers and producers. Since we only deal with whole animals our availability is based on a no waste system, meaning that every part of the animal needs to be used. We do not receive or stock boxes of striploins, tenderloins, or any other cuts. If you want more of a particular cut we need to sell more of every other cut on the animal!
All of our meats come from locally sourced whole carcass. It is all provincially inspected and dry aged in a walk in refrigerator. All of our products are processed at our facility in Dartmouth and are freshly packaged, labelled, and dated according to government regulations.

How it works

It is very important to understand the purpose of this wholesale list which is to give restaurants and and other food retailers and opportunity to purchase items which are in less demand at our retail locations. Any extra packaging, consistently small orders, and extra time spent going over orders all costs money which defeats the purpose of this program. We operate under the assumption that our wholesale customers are industry professionals who are ordering for a restaurant or other food retailer.

Every Wednesday an availability email will be sent to all who are subscribed to the program. The availability list will include what products are available and in what quantities. While it is not required for you to order the entire quantity of a particular product we do reserve the right to refuse orders if they require too much individual packaging or do not fit the concept of our particular wholesale program; simply let us know how much of it you would like by emailing

Cut-off time for orders will be the following Tuesday morning at 9:00 am. Orders will be filled on a first come, first serve basis so the earlier you get your order in the more likely we will be able to fill your order.

We will notify you on the success of your order as quickly as we can after we have received it. Orders will then be delivered the following Thursday afternoon around Dartmouth and the Peninsula. When you respond to the availability email please give us detailed delivery instructions to avoid confusion. Delivery is free for orders over $75. If your order is under $75 a $5 delivery fee will apply for Dartmouth and $7 for Halifax. If you require your order at a time other than Thursday afternoon you will be able to pick up at our shop on Primrose St in Dartmouth. Your order will be freshly packaged (vacuum sealed), labelled, and dated to government regulations.

An invoice will be sent on delivery and can be paid by credit or debit on site. Please contact the shop directly to arrange other payment options.

If you're interested you need to sign up for the Wholesale Newsletter using the form below. PLEASE NOTE: If you don't sign up for the newsletter you will not receive the weekly list of available items.

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