Due to the fact that we are a craft butcher these prices may vary depending on what we pay our farmers for their meat.


Grilling/Tender Muscles (Tenderloin, Prime Rib, Ribeye, Striploin, Sirloin):

$28 - $39/lb

Marinating/Low n' Slow/Braising Muscles (Sirloin Tip, Inside Round, Brisket, Cross Rib):

$10 - $16/lb

Artisanal Cuts (Flank, Denver, Tri Tip, Bavette, Skirt, Teres Major, Flat Iron):

$15 - $25/lb

Ground Beef (Medium to Extra Lean):

$7.00 - $10/lb

Stew Beef: $11/lb



Chops: $13 - $15/lb

Roasts for Pulling: $8 - $12/lb

Capricola: $13/lb

Tenderloin: $17/lb

Ground Pork: $6.50/lb

Lamb and Veal occasionally available depending on local supply. Prices vary depending on farmer's prices.

We also carry free range chicken when it is in season in Nova Scotia (starts in spring and ends early winter).

Vessel Meats has also become known for our hand made value added products and take and bake items. Depending on what day you are in the shop or at the markets you will see broth, wellington, lasagna, pizza, mac & cheese, burger patties, potstickers, cabbage rolls, donair meat, sausage rolls, and many other items!



If you are a restaurant looking to include local, high quality meats in your menu please contact us to have a discussion. Since we are a whole animal butcher we will need to have a conversation with you to go over what we can supply. We have been working with several local restaurants over the last two years and have found a system that works well for our style of butchery paired with smaller scale local restaurants.

Send an email to or simply tap the mail button below!