Where do we source our meat?

All of our meat is sourced directly from local farms. Our pork, beef, lamb, and veal is slaughtered in Amherst, Nova Scotia by Dickie's Meats. Our chicken is free range and comes from Little Dorset Farms in Muquodoboit, Nova Scotia and processed at Cogmagun.

We take great pride in ensuring that our meat is raised ethically and sustainably. We also make certain that we use as much of the animal as possible whether it be by making broths from the bones, bird feed balls from the beef suet, or soap from the pork fat.

Interested in becoming a supplier?

Vessel Meats offers an urban retail outlet to the smaller, independent farms who are looking to market outside of their immediate area. Brianna hand selects suppliers and products to match consumers with the farms and farm values that are important to them.

Please feel free to head over to our contact page and send us a message!