Thanksgiving is right around the corner!!

Due to several factors including avian flu, staffing shortages, and supply chain issues the turkey situation this year will be more limited than usual. Because of this the approach we are taking with turkey orders for Thanksgiving will be different than in the past years.

First and most importantly you NEED to reserve a turkey. If you reserve a turkey then you will get one. There are a couple ways you can make your reservation:

PREFERRED METHODS: Come in to the shop at 6 Primrose St, Dartmouth or give us a call at 902-463-6981 during regular business hours and speak to one of our staff. They will take your information and get you on the list.

ALTERNATIVE METHOD (not preferred): You can email the shop at but please be aware that emails are checked when we can get to it and if you email for a reservation it may be hours before we see it and if we sell out of turkeys by phone and in person in that time then you will miss out. If you do not receive a confirmation email then do not assume you have a turkey reserved. Truly your best course is to call or visit in person. That way we can confirm availability with you.

We will be getting a limited amount of turkeys this year from Ebbett's Farm in the 14 lb - 18 lb range and once they're gone, they're gone! Because of this we will not be offering reservations on sizes of turkeys. How it will work this year is first come, first serve for sizes on turkey pick up day which will be Saturday, October 8 starting at 10:00 am at the shop. There is no guarantee we will get any before that time since we are at the mercy of the processing facilities. If you wish to pick up your turkey before Saturday, October 8 you can call the shop that week and see if it is possible but DO NOT make plans around getting your turkey earlier.

Prices and options:

Free Range Turkey: Grown by Ebbett's Farm, Fresh October 8, 14 lb - 18lb only - $6.50/lb

Free Range Chicken: Grown by Moorbern Farm, Frozen, 5 lb - 6 lb - $8.25/lb

Smoked Ham: Grown by Lochabar Farm, Smoked at Brother's - $9.50/lb

Take & Bake Turkey Dinner Meal Kit: Last day to order is October 1

Free Range Turkey, Roasted Root Vegetables, Brussel Sprouts with Balsamic Reduction and Pancetta, Bread Stuffing, Gravy - $25.00/serving

Assorted Pork and Beef Roasts available upon request.

If you are looking for a large turkey contact MacDougall Meadows or The Free Range Store. You can also give us a call and we can possibly get you a large frozen turkey.

Exciting News!

As of September 10, 2022 your favourite Vessel Meats products are now available at the Halifax Seaport Market on Saturdays! We are there from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm every Saturday. Don't worry though, you can still find us at all of our other locations on Saturday (Alderney Market, Brewery Market, and the shop).

Tap/click the link below to head to the new "Markets" section of our website.

Interested in working for Vessel Meats? We're always looking for butcher candidates!

Vessel Meats is a whole carcass craft butchery dedicated to supplying quality local meat in Nova Scotia and supporting small scale farmers. We are building pipelines and fostering relationships to make locally grown food more accessible and attainable to consumers in our community. We believe that by supporting small farms and encouraging conversations we can create long term change for producers and consumers in our community that change the way our our province consumes meat.

If you're interested please tap the link below!

What is Vessel Meats?

 We are a dedicated whole-animal butchery which to us means a few things. All our meat comes direct from the abattoir, intact and on the hoof, sourced direct from farms and is raised locally and ethically.

We spend the beginning of the week breaking the carcass in to smaller, retail appropriate pieces so that when the weekend hits we have easy access to each muscle and prep it up quick to go in to the case.

Our aim every week is to sell out. We do not supplement our stock with boxed, wet-aged meat so when we run out of a specific cut we are out. We like to tell people "we don't have a lot of anything but we have a bit of everything".

Cows, pigs, and lambs are the same here as anywhere else in the world so all of the cuts are there, we just need to find the one you are looking for! Pre-ordering is always encouraged so we can get the best piece we have for that special meal.

All of our meat is processed in Nova Scotia in small scale abattoirs, mostly Dickie's Meats in Amherst where John Dickie helps us so much by using his years of experience to make sure we are getting the best quality products and delivering them to our door.

Because everything comes in hanging (that giant mono-rail running through our shop) all of our meat is dry-aged for a minimum of a few days to a few weeks depending on the species. We believe that makes a cleaner, richer tasting product.

Since we are dedicated to our process and suppliers we don't always have everything available like fresh, free range chicken in the winter, and the ever elusive pork back rib.

We've been operating for over 6 years at local farmer's markets and at our retail location since May, 2020. We have been able to make it work and hopefully we are slowly spreading the word on local meat and slow food in Nova Scotia.

We see the untapped potential for agriculture here in our province and hope that shops like ours can help make local food more accessible and affordable. We have everything we need right here. We just need to support it!