New items in the case:

We're proud to introduce several new items to our case over the last couple weeks. Jax has been hard at work in the kitchen perfecting recipes and procedures to bring you some exciting new items! Many of you have tried the new offerings and we have received great feedback. For those who haven't tried them now is your chance!

Blood Pudding: Based on an Eastern European recipe this a pork and barley pudding which is rich with hints of onion and marjoram.

Lunenburg Pudding: If you're from the South Shore then you know about Lunenburg Pudding. For those who are unaware this is a pork, beef, and oat pudding which is slightly peppery with hints of all spice and summer savoury.

Jiggs Pudding: A Vessel Meats exclusive! This has all the ingredients of a Jiggs Dinner in a convenient package. A pork pudding with corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots.

To prepare our puddings simply cut in to approximately 1/2" thick discs and cook in a pan with butter.

*All puddings are stuffed in a natural beef casing which needs to be removed before eating*



Yeah, you read that right. Your favourite craft butcher is now making all beef hot dogs! We worked very hard to get the flavour and texture right in time for your summer BBQ needs. Like all of our other sausages they are raw and contain no fillers, binders, or preservatives so they need to be cooked low and slow for the best result. Unlike our other sausages these are in a collagen casing to keep them all beef. Please visit the "Sausage" section of the website for more detailed cooking instructions.

Interested in working for Vessel Meats? 

Vessel Meats is a whole carcass craft butchery dedicated to supplying quality local meat in Nova Scotia and supporting small scale farmers. We are building pipelines and fostering relationships to make locally grown food more accessible and attainable to consumers in our community. We believe that by supporting small farms and encouraging conversations we can create long term change for producers and consumers in our community that change the way our our province consumes meat.

If you're interested please tap the link below!

What is Vessel Meats?

 We are a dedicated whole-animal butchery which to us means a few things. All our meat comes direct from the abattoir, intact and on the hoof, sourced direct from farms and is raised locally and ethically.

We spend the beginning of the week breaking the carcass in to smaller, retail appropriate pieces so that when the weekend hits we have easy access to each muscle and prep it up quick to go in to the case.

Our aim every week is to sell out. We do not supplement our stock with boxed, wet-aged meat so when we run out of a specific cut we are out. We like to tell people "we don't have a lot of anything but we have a bit of everything".

Cows, pigs, and lambs are the same here as anywhere else in the world so all of the cuts are there, we just need to find the one you are looking for! Pre-ordering is always encouraged so we can get the best piece we have for that special meal.

All of our meat is processed in Nova Scotia in small scale abattoirs, mostly Dickie's Meats in Amherst where John Dickie helps us so much by using his years of experience to make sure we are getting the best quality products and delivering them to our door.

Because everything comes in hanging (that giant mono-rail running through our shop) all of our meat is dry-aged for a minimum of a few days to a few weeks depending on the species. We believe that makes a cleaner, richer tasting product.

Since we are dedicated to our process and suppliers we don't always have everything available like fresh, free range chicken in the winter, and the ever elusive pork back rib.

We've been operating for over 6 years at local farmer's markets and at our retail location since May, 2020. We have been able to make it work and hopefully we are slowly spreading the word on local meat and slow food in Nova Scotia.

We see the untapped potential for agriculture here in our province and hope that shops like ours can help make local food more accessible and affordable. We have everything we need right here. We just need to support it!