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Production Assistant

We are expanding our team to hire a production assistant. The goal for this role is to bring someone to the team who already has a solid understanding in kitchen background and who can hit the ground running. They will be providing support primarily to the kitchen in the areas of prep, sandwich assembly, making sauerkraut and using the smoker. Our goal for this position is that the employee will grow with this position; starting with a basic kitchen foundation and growing as a leader as these areas of our business expand.

Candidates will bring the following to the team:

  • A positive can do attitude

  • Solid understanding of basic kitchen principals including;

    • waste management,

    • FIFO,

    • time vs production management,

    • working efficiently and cleanly

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Pride in one’s work and desire to do a good job (we are a team of people who take pride in constantly striving to be the best and if this is not who you are as a professional you will not succeed in our organization).

  • Willing and capable of providing exceptional customer service. Helping clients, learning about our products and sharing your passion with food with the people who shop here.

  • Creativity bringing new ideas to the table and the desire to try new and interesting products.


Experience working customer service and the desire to engage with clients to discuss our products and values and help them choose the best option for their meal is a priority.

About this role:

Our kitchen supports the butchery department helping us process all the extra “stuff” that comes with butchery. It makes lard and stock, mixes sausage spices and makes marinades. It makes the holiday pies, take home and charity meals. The kitchen prepares the cures and brines as well as our weekly Friday sandwich and our weekly market breakfast sandwich. In our kitchen there is a lot of prep; sausage rolls and welly bites, stuffed jalapenos and hand pressing burger patties. Slicing, squeezing and seasoning the sauerkraut as well as learning about the smoker and helping develop new products.

You will learn the foundation to HACCP, our food safety program and foundations to batch tracking. Paperwork is a crucial part of our kitchen and keeping in our food safety compliance.

No areas of our business cut corners, we avoid nitrates and preservatives which means doing things more often to maintain freshness.

Cleaning and dish washing will be part of this job. You will be responsible for tidying your area at the end of the night and everyone takes turns washing dishes.

On Saturdays this is a customer service role; working the counter, talking to clients and cleaning up at the end of the day.

Although this role is different than most kitchen roles there are trade-offs; you have a set day shift from Tuesday to Saturday, no evenings and every Sunday and Monday off. There is no line to work a minimal lunch rush (Fridays only).

We are offering:

  • The pay level for this role is $17 hourly (sorry we don’t collect tips) however if a candidate can demonstrate their professional competencies a higher wage could be negotiated.

  • Benefit program including dental (50% employer/employee contribution)

  • Free sandwich on Friday

  • Staff discount

If you are interested please email a resume to with "Production Assistant" in the subject.

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