Apprentice Butcher Position

We are always open to talking to people who want to learn the trade. Education and employee development is an important part of our business growth. One of the things most appealing about this trade is once you know how the muscles break down you can travel anywhere in the world and work (once you adapt to the food culture).

Keeping that in mind, it takes years and years of practice to fully understand the trade and be able to fully capitalize on the animals that we work with. Learning the unique cuts and break downs of each individual species of animal, proper cooking techniques, cleaning, tool care and maintenance as well as all the diverse cuts and uses for each part as they vary by culture and seasonality. Then it’s practice, practice, practice.

Due to our time investment, risk to our (limited) product and steep learning curve, the only way to learn is from the ground up and we invite anyone who is interested in learning from the ground up to reach out.

Due to the reasons listed about we can’t really entertain people who “think this would be cool to learn” in their free time. You will be vacuum sealing and helping customers, learning about our cuts and products for months and months before you ever see the table.

Butchery is much more then frenched ribs, and tenderloin.

If this sounds interesting to you please read the following note and tap the link below to apply!

Working in a butcher shop is not a cake walk. It is physically demanding every day. It is standing 8 hours + every day. It is cold hands and sharp edges. It is physically handing 300 lb bodies of meat and making them into 2 lb pieces. It is cleaning a lot. If you don't see the value in putting in a day of actual labour and at the end having the satisfaction of knowing you did a good job then this isn't for you. If you don't want to wake up early on Saturdays and work over time before Christmas this isn't for you. If you want a job to earn cash and not a skill that you grow, learn, develop and excel at over time this isn't for you. We are providing someone an opportunity to become a skilled professional in a unique trade.

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