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Every wonder how long that meat has been sitting around at the Supermarket?

We grind our meat Saturday mornings at 4:30 am before the Market to ensure it's the very freshest it can be for  YOU at the market.  


You'll taste the difference!

Vessel Services...

"Generally, I have my meat broken  down into primals and then I cut specifically onsite to order.  Typically my  customers will tell me what they want to cook and then they will ask me for  recommendations.  Because I cut from whole carcass, the quantity of cuts will vary  depending on the specific muscle they are asking for and part of my goal is to  help people understand that break down. '

Want to be a Supplier?

Vessel Meats offers an urban retail outlet to the smaller, independent farms who are looking to market their quality meats outside of their immediate area... Brianna hand selects  suppliers and products to match consumers with the farms and farm values that are important to  them... 

Our Sausages...

Our speciality is our FRESH, gluten-free sausages!  They

are handcrafted every Friday morning for Saturday's

market. Quantities are always LIMITED and the

flavours vary each week. There are no fillers or binders,

we start with just pork & spices.  Some varieties will

include a little cheese, fresh apples, olives,

red peppers etc.  We don't use  preservatives either

so they need to be eaten up or frozen by Sunday evening.  Put a little sizzle in your Sunday breakfast!

Beef - Hindquarters & Forequarters...

What cut you're looking for depends on what your'e cooking.    Vessel can provide the recommendations you need to make it memorable.   We can cut nearly anything you're looking for; please note meat with a bone in it is a custom order and required a little advance notice...


We carry non-GMO fed pork from Little Dorset

Farm and Heritage Berkshire from Shani's Farm.  

You can taste the difference!

Lamb & Goat

Locally-raised young goats from Triple RT farms,

and tender lamb from Andrew Hebda, a long-time

leader in Nova Scotia lamb production.

A word about fresh Free Range Chicken

You may have noticed fresh Free Range Chicken has been popping up around the province; and you thought, fresh chicken, FINALLY!

Although I admit I also get excited about having fresh chicken around, it is important to think about where that chicken is coming from. Bear in mind that it takes 6-8 weeks to grow a chick into a delicious chicken and the weather around March 1 certainly was not warm enough to keep chickens outside.  (Although it certainly was a nice winter!)

We value transparency and selling quality meats, which is why we choose to sell LITTLE DORSET free range chicken which typically is not available until the beginning of July. It might be a little higher price point but I truly believe it is the best (and most delicious) free range chicken on the market. The more you know!


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